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Definition of the term “The Satanic Six™” or “The Satanic 6™”




[ suhtan-ik siks ]

Summary Definition of “The Satanic Six” or “The Satanic 6”

The Satanic Six™ or The Satanic 6™ are the socio-political ideologies of communism, globalism, liberalism, marxism, socialism, zionism.

Full Definition of “The Satanic Six” or “The Satanic 6”

The Satanic Six™ refers to the six inter-connected political ideologies of the satanic left: communism, globalism, liberalism, marxism, socialism, zionism [alphabetically ordered].

Common traits of all The Satanic Six™ are:
• The inversion of social norms.
 The promotion of social psychopathy in society.
 A general acquiescence towards social satanism within all areas of society.
 A pathological attachment to, and reliance on, political disinformation and lies.
• Secrecy as an ideological political policy.
• The use of mind control, social conditioning and social engineering – as the replacement to democracy – as the real means of acquiring public support, or the perception of public support.
• The use of deviant and child sexual blackmail as the main way of controlling key politicians (allied and opposing, domestic and foreign), the judiciary, the police, the media, and anyone in a position of social power or influence.
• Adherence to the the plan for a single global government, religion and military – full spectrum global control over humanity via a one-world dictatorship.
• Advancement of technocratic State and corporate control over all aspects of society.
• The destruction of small and independent businesses in favour of State and multinational monopoly control over all manufacturing and trade.
• The subsidising of multinationals out of taxpayers money, whilst increasing taxes for independent, small business owners.
• The promotion of employment only within large multinationals, and never small businesses, and a support of unions, which wholly rely on multinational big business to continue to exist.
• Destruction of the sovereign Nation State.
• A blind, unquestioning support for the Central Banking System and its private control of national economies and money creation.
• The relentless advancement of science over any moral or public concerns.
• The relentless advancement of military technology over any moral or public concerns.
• The use of targeted guilt and virtue signalling, as a means to advance political objectives.
• Advancing secularism to replace traditional religious traditions.
• The diminishing of individual rights in favour of the rights of the State.
• The undermining of Sovereign Human Rights through the promotion and advancement of collectivist civil rights.
• The atomising of society – breaking down natural human trust and social alliances, turning the people against each other, and making them feel alone, in fear, and helpless, for the purpose of control.
• An aim to reduce and ultimately eradicate individual ownership of all personal property and savings.
• Idol worship of those who possess the most social power and wealth.
• Centrally and globally controlled and funded by those with toxic wealth.
• Adherence to the ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ (order out of chaos) doctrine as the method of reshaping society – manufacturing disasters, mass violence, global crisis ideologies, and social chaos, in order to destroy the existing norms and staus quo and make way for a new authoritarian order.
• A religious, ideological or hierarchical connection to Anunnakism.

You are conditioned to perceive The Satanic Six™ as individually operating political ideologies, each with their own organic evolutionary story, but nothing could be further from the truth. None are grass-roots; they are all ‘astroturf institutions’, funded by the toxic wealth of the parasitic class, in order to control the politics and the people (both the establishment and the controlled opposition to it). All of their stories began with the same interconnected socially-psychopathic philosophers, freemasonic sponsors, criminal connections, and socially satanic belief system at the core of all their respective ideologies. They don’t call it the “left-hand path” for nothing.

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